Sep 19, 2012

White–Pure and Simple

Why is white important in your diet?  well, there are many reasons why it is important to add foods that are white in your diet.  The most important reasons are building bones,preventing cavities and strengthening the heart

Leeks – Building Bones

Leeks are great for fending off osteoporosis since they are packed with a plant fiber, inulin,which studies have shown to help increase the absorption of calcium.  Because of this fact, make sure that you have leeks with foods that are rich in calcium such as legumes, dark leafy greens and dairy product.  A great idea would be to make a caramelized leek soup using 1% milk.

Onions – Cavity Fighter

So, here is the funny thing.  One of the things that ends up making your breath stinky also helps you keep your teeth healthy.  According to Dr. Moulavi,onions contain sulphur which is a powerful antibiotic and Quercetin which is a powerful anti- inflammatory agent.  Both these agents have been shown to kill certain types of bacteria, such as Streptococcus mutants which promote tooth decay.

Best way to get some onions in your diet – add them to tacos, salads, curries, soups etc..

Potatoes – Strengthen your love machine – your heart

The poor little spud has gotten a bad rep. lately for being high in carbs.  But did you know that cooked in the right way (that means – no French fries!!) it can be a part of a heart- healthy diet?

Potatoes are loaded with vitamin B6 which helps hold down the the levels of the amino acid Homocystein.  A lower level of homocystein is in turn helps prevent against heart disease.  Only one medium baked potato contains 20% of your daily requirement of vitamin B6.

A great way to add the humble spud to your diet is to add boiled potatoes to salad or make it some spices to get a great Indian treat!

So, there you go.  From cool mama to you, more healthy tips and reasons why you should include “white” foods in your diet!


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