Sep 17, 2012

It is That Time Of The Year Already

Yep, it sure is.The kids are finally back in school and I have time once again to do what I love to do – Blog and write children’s books.Oh yah baby, it is finally time for the COOL MAMA!

The one thing that I realized this summer is, how difficult it is to motivate kids to read.  Especially with all the new computer games that are so readily available, kids are becoming more and more lazy about reading.

My older son does not require any coaxing to read.In fact, we have to tell him to stop reading at times!  But, the middle one, is a different story altogether.  This kid is totally addicted to screens – it really does not matter what kind of screen it is. It could be an i pod or and iPad or TV or a computer screen.  The kid just loves screens.  So, in order to encourage him to read, I decided to check out the types of I books that are available.  I was amazed!  there are so many different genres that are available on Amazon just to cater to the “screen addicts!”  But, unfortunately books that cater to children tend to how can I put it nicely .. .BORING.  Kids at the age of 6-8 love bodily functions – from barfing to farting to  pooping. Kids get a blast from reading about all types of bodily functions. 

Since there is a void of such books on the internet, I decided to write one and to publish it as a kindle book which can also be used on all the other screens such as the iPod and iPad. The books called “Do Princesses Toot?”  and can be checked out on Amazon at

In this book a little girl who is convinced that she is a princess, teaches her friend Sam, the normalcy of human bodily functions.  The story is humorous and very simple to read and the illustrations are bright and colorful for the kiddies to enjoy. The best thing is, my son LOVES  this book and so do all his friends in school!

The other book that I published on Amazon as an e book is “Lulu Goes To Bollywood”

The main reason I wrote this book is to introduce kids to the East Indian culture.  I find that in this day and time when there is so much diversity in our schools, it is important that our kids learn all about the different cultures.

In this book, a dog that looks great in Indian outfits, sings Indian songs, ends up going to Bollywood which is the Indian equivalent to Hollywood.  This also is a great,easy read that kids of all ages to enjoy.

In order to promote the books and to make them readily available to all the kids, I have priced the books at $0.99or FREE for members of Amazon prime.

I really feel that if we increase the enjoyment kids get from reading, they will be willing to read more readily.

As I always say to kids that I read to…

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