Sep 25, 2012

Blue And Purple Foods That Will Keep You Healthy and Strong

Today, in our colorful and healthy diet series, we are going to discuss the importance of adding foods that are the color blue and purple to your diet.  Blue and purple foods are important toward off summer time sniffles, improve your memory and fuel up a workout.

Plums- Ward off summer time sniffles

If you are suffering from summer time sniffles and are too hot to get a bowl of chicken noodle soup reach for a Plum.

Plums have shown to contain neochlorogenic and chlorogenigacids which are natural compounds that have shown to inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria.

For a fun way to add plums to your diet, think about adding slices of plums to your salad, puree the fruit and put it on toast instead of jelly or do what I do, grab it and eat it raw!

Blueberries – Improve Your Memory

Did you know that this tiny little blue fruit will help your noggin stay sharp?  well, it is true.  Researchers at the University of Reading in England have stated that berries improve blood flow to the brain which help the brain cells stay in top notch shape.  Berries can help stave off dips in concentration, memory and logical thinking.

The best way to consume blueberries in my opinion, is raw!.But you can add them to muffins, cakes and pancakes.

Raisins- Fuel Up That Workout

Raisins are a fantastic pre workout snack. “Raisins are a stellar source of simple sugars which are a key source of energy”  according to Mark Kern, PhD, RD.

I love to eat raisins straight from the box or add them to my cereal  or my oatmeal in the morning.

So there. make your diet more colorful by adding blue and purple foods and improve your health.

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